Granite & Quartz Worktops

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Stylish Granite & Quartz Worktops

We only offer quality worktops from leading brands such as Silestone® because by opting for granite you require a hard wearing and functional but beautiful worktop.


As one of the North East's largest suppliers of granite worktops for kitchen and commercial applications, we hold strategic partnerships directly with our manufacturers.


This cuts out the middle man and ensures we can offer you exclusive discounts and a dedicated service.


Durable and functional a granite worktop will last a lifetime, they are easy to clean and hard wearing making your lifetime costs low.

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Stunning Granite Kitchen Worktops

At the heart of your home is your kitchen and like most of our customers we are sure your kitchen see's a lot of traffic.  The best granite worktops will last you for years and add luxury to your kitchen.

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Exclusive Quartz Kitchen Worktops

One of the most visually stunning colours and certainly a favourite with our customers.  This beautiful worktop reflects with light and shines throughout the room giving a feeling of space and energy.

Explore the World Of Granite

We guarantee that you will not find a more comprehensive range of quality worktops backed up by the support of our in-house craftsmen who will create a bespoke template and fitting design, and complete a quality backed installation.

  • Engineered to be highly resistant to scratch and shock damage.
  • Non-porous surface and resistant to everyday use kitchen products.
  • Hassle free care and maintenance, no need for any sealants or wax.
  • High resolution full bodied colours and patterns striking appearance.

Yes, Granite is Perfect For Bathrooms

Granite has had a rise in popularity over recent years as it’s both elegant and luxurious as well as practical making them perfect for your bathroom.


Granite is naturally waterproof which means no mildew, or damp. Water vapour in the air and water from the shower, bath or sink are not able to penetrate the granite worktop making it easy to clean and ultra hygienic.


Granite doesn’t fade in the sunlight ensuring your bathroom will be stunning for years to come.


Granite and quartz are perfect for high-traffic areas and can last decades.


We have many different colours options including white, grey and black with flecks of different shades and colours.


By choosing granite for your bathroom, you are selecting a natural stone with its history written onto it’s surface.

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granite and quartz worktops

Granite & Quartz Colours

We believe in giving our customers the best possible range of colours to choose from because everyone has their own tastes and preferences.

Our range of granite and quartz colours can be seen at our showroom in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

At anytime we could have over 350 different colours and patterns to choose from.  We can also give you samples to take away with you to see how the surface will impact in your home.

Call us today or pop in and see us to find out how we can transform your home.

5 Reasons To Choose Granite Worktops

There are a lot of good reasons to choose granite or quartz worktops but most people choose them because they are stylish, durable and desirable.  Granite worktops are considered to be a luxury or high-end countertop choice for the kitchen or bathroom.  The popularity seems to be here to stay and we have noticed a growing demand.  New granite and quartz worktop options for the home and commercial settings continue to evolve and make great re-modelling features.

Here are our top 5 reasons for choosing a granite worktop.

Granite is Tough, Strong and Durable

Granite is as hard as a rock, literally.  It ranks in second place to a diamond when comparing natural properties.  Once your new granite countertops are installed you will never have to worry about replacing them again.  If you choose to replace them in the future it will be because of decoration and a theme change and not because they look tired.  These countertops resist chipping, cracking and scratching so they will always be serviceable.  Also, you will never have to worry about putting a hot pan down because they are heat resistant, but we don’t recommend you do it.  If you do manage chip a piece off then it is not a difficult thing for a craftsman from our company to repair it, depending on the damage.

Easy Care

Its important to have granite tops sealed professionally and of course we do that for you.  When the granite or quartz countertops are professionally sealed they will keep out bacteria and prevent the worktops from staining.  Once sealed you can clean them down using soapy water and a cloth or sponge.  If you choose to there are a number of specially designed cleaning formulas available to use.

Granite Worktops Could Increase Your Home’s Value

New granite or quartz worktops could add value to your home and make it more desirable when it comes to selling time.  The money you invest in new worktops could give you a 100% return when it comes to moving on.  Your home will be become more appealing to buyers especially if your house has granite worktops and the competition does not. 

Granite Worktops Are a Long-term Investment

While you admiring your granite or quartz worktops in the years to come and they may last you up to 25 years, your neighbours and friends have replaced their laminate ones 2 to 3 times.  Try to imagine the long-term cost of ownership when making your decision to buy granite.  Laminate may look nice but so does granite and quartz.  When the laminate is chipped and the wood is poking through it will be time for a change.  Granite however will just keep looking good for years to come.

Granite Countertops Are Beautiful

Whether you choose white granite worktops, quartz, blue pearl granite, Silestone quartz, black countertops, Uba Tuba granite or leathered granite worktops they are all gorgeous.  We have so many colours, patterns and configurations from you to choose from you will literally be spoilt for choice.

In Summary

Granite worktop counters work well in any kitchen, bathroom or commercial setting.  If you are going to invest a lot of money then we recommend you speak to professional craftsmen who have a lot of experience.  Also, you want to have an expert installation team fit your worktops to make sure they are secure and properly fitted.

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